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At Musket Cove, we care about the health and welfare of our employees, our guests, our community & our planet. 
We are committed to providing a safe healthy work place by conserving energy & protecting our natural resources, for today and future generations. 
Special consideration will always be given to employing and empowering our Fiji employees, and wherever possible, embrace environmentally sustainable, practices and locally sourced products and services. 

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Other community initiatives we are proud of are; Buy Fijian made - We are supporters of the “buy Fiji made” initiative and as such you will see items in our Boutique that are made, grown or sewn in Fiji and many that have come from, or support rural craft groups. We encourage you to consider the local crafted products over imported souvenir items.  

Waste Management - All organic waste and papers are composted for use in the resort gardens. We operate a recycling program for tin cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles. With proceeds returned to our island community.

Kuita Trust - We offer our guests the opportunity to give a little to those less fortunate in Fiji. By donating F$5 per room per stay. Kuita is Fijian for octopus, which symbolises far and reaching. This trust operates to assist Fijians less fortunate in remote areas, no matter of race or creed. 100% of all donations are distributed.

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Environmental policy

Conserve and protect natural resources. Both marine and land based. 

Control and prevent pollution by using eco-friendly materials. 

Operate in compliance with all relevant Fiji environmental legislations. 

Promote environmental awareness and educate our employees on environmental issues and sustainable working practices. 

Be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the community 

Develop and improve operations and technologies to minimize waste and other pollution. 

Minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly 

Reduce waste through re-use and recycling 

Ensure the responsible use of energy, including conserving energy & improving energy efficiency. 

Communicate our environmental commitment to staff and guests. 

Use Fiji made goods, produce and services wherever possible. 

Our Sustainable Musket

At Musket Cove, we care about the health and welfare of our employees, our guests, our community & our planet. With a little help, you can also make a real difference:

Turn off lights, fans & air-conditioning when not in use.

Should you wish to re-use towels? Place on the rail provided, towels left on the floor will be replaced.

Bed linen will be replaced on alternate days. Alternatively, place the “Bilo” (half coconut shell) on the unmade bed and it will be changed.

Two bottles of complimentary water are supplied daily. We also store rainwater, which you are welcome to access. Please Do NOT drink the tap water.

Our state-of-the-art waste management system is very sensitive. Do NOT flush non-biodegradable items.


We are reducing single use plastics throughout the resort. What plastic bags used are biodegradable. We recycle plastics, compost cardboards and pulverise glass back to sand, garden waste composted and used at our farm and resort gardens.

Ask about our mangrove, coral and giant clam rejuvenation program. Done in conjunction with Fiji’s forestries and Marine depts. Doing our bit for today and future generations.


For more information about our environmental initiatives please check your compendium.

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