As Fiji’s longest established resort company. The owners of Musket Cove remain committed to implementing whatever is possible to reduce our footprint within this fragile eco system we call home.  


The initiatives we implement are not for notoriety. What we initiate is not just the right thing to do. More importantly it helps establish bench marks for working towards a brighter tomorrow for generations to follow.

We are working closely with Fijis department of fisheries and forestry’s in establishing mangrove regeneration, coral replenishment and to nurture and grow Fiji’s endangered giant clams. 

We are entering into a pilot program with an organization called Mission Pacific. With the object of recycling PET plastics and aluminum. 

We have also initiated several recycling initiatives internally:

  • Nonrefundable glass bottles and jars are pulverized into grit. Which is then used in building materials
  • Grass clippings and other plant matter is put through a mulching machine, set aside and turned into compost for replenishing our gardens and farm.
  • Phasing out plastics. Replacing plastic bags with paper and plastic straws with paper.
  • Phasing out single use plastics.
  • Quarterly island clean up campaigns
  • Inviting visiting specialists to enlighten and raise awareness for our team and villagers 

Together with our staff we are extremely excited to be coming actively involved in doing whatever we can to protect our fragile eco system. 


Garry Snodgrass

General Manager


Published by Musket Cove Island Resort and Marina


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